Saturday, March 31, 2007

going green is all the rage

with all the research i have been doing on thailand, i have become increasingly concerned with doing my part to be green! the pollution that is reported in the "land of smiles" is scary. i live in one of the more polluted cities in the US and prevention is the only cure at this point. i found some great resources to aid my green quest without losing the fun in my lifestyle. the urban dweller's guide to green living is a lot of fun, i think of it as a tour guide to a city i have lived in for 6 years. its always fun to explore and now knowing that my money is being spent in environmentally conscious establishments will make the spending even more fun and possible tax deductible - we culture vultures must stick close to our budget ;). the guide will tell you where to shop, eat and how you can give back to the environment and community.

with summer coming, we have to be so mindful of the resources we are depleting, i check out LA DWP's website for tips on conserving energy.

another improtant matter floating around in my mind a lot lately is sustainable food and how it affects my health, the environment and the economy. i learned a lot about it from one of my favorite recipe sites these issues are so important if we want there to be a tomorrow for our childrens children.

militantly obsessed,