Saturday, September 1, 2007

boots, bags and babies

i have been avoiding the mall because of my how much I veered off my budget this summer, oy vay! however on my last trip i started noticing all the lovely fall items that are coming in, even though we don't have much of a fall in Lovely Angeles. there are a few things i will need, but now i am going to start working with a list of essentials and any splurges must take full consideration...that's the plan!

currentl obsessed list:
1) trench coat - i saw a great one in H&M, btw i luv the inpsiration boards on their site...i fall into the shapes category

2) slouch mid calf boots - Zappos is still my favorite site for buying shoes online, but I cannot live without my Loehman's fix...Rochy and I used to work those racks! these by Bronx Shoes have potential

my fav shoe designer remains to be GZ, but right now the price point is a tad bit out of my budget fav is def Vince Camuto...hawt

3) a new mimeki bag - i am so impressed with the fall line especially the new Kennedy with the embossed leather

but i am also still in luv with the Logan from the previous collection

the list goes on, but i am trying to be as discerning as possible...given the ahm "budget" situation...more to come

4) the babies obsession is something else altogether that also ties into the budget conversation. for the meantime Nesta will serve me just fine :)

fall obsessed,