Tuesday, October 2, 2007


there is too much to say on this subject. weblebrity gives the average joe the opportunity to become renowned through online content. i wouldn't say it's an obsession, i just happen to know a thing or two about weblicity given that my job duties include scouting and cultivating weblebrities.

has anyone seen famous wossip's on their living room tv sets lately? i have. i must say i was in shock when TMZ popped up in my digital guide! the show is decent, room for improvement. i love the employees. the show reminds me of one of my favs from last season - a TRUE obsession - Dirt on FX.

the other example i have is one i list reluctantly. props due to perez for what he does online, but why does MTV always have to go there! celebrity rap superstar is wrong on so many levels...first off how do the 'contestants' rank as celebrities? second, why is dmc even involved with something so ridiculous?

i was discussing this idea of weblebrity with some of my coworkers and i was surprised they hadn't heard the terminology, however it's befitting since the so called weblebrities are just as notorious.

here is a prime example...

all that being said there are a few that are doing it right...nuff props to Najwa from Nitrolicious for doing big things and covering fashion week amongst a host of other fun things. and a new site that just launched with a clever idea 2 chix tv, i'll be keeping one eye on the execution, but props due all the same.

pondering standards

Thursday, September 20, 2007

styles women love and my man hates!

there are SO many of these instances...it warrants a series. the only way to organize this series is by outfits made up of blooming obsessions...whaddya think?

can you picture it?

Robert Rodriguez cropped jacket

Missoni Metallic Scarf

Privee Jumper

Grey Heathered Velvety Tights...so luxe

MCM Patent

Vermice Nero GZ's

my goal was to create a entire outfit with obsessions from Intermix Online to pay homage since they just opened their location on Roberston in LA...but i had to rep these booties i tried on at Fred Segal and Y hated - go figure ;-)

if i manage recreate this outfit, i will make sure to update the post with the flik.

a lot of this is out of my budget range, but i might make the splurge for the booties and the scarfie - thoughts?

btw....Fred Segal SM is having a big sale starting next week

happy shopping and browsing

Saturday, September 1, 2007

boots, bags and babies

i have been avoiding the mall because of my how much I veered off my budget this summer, oy vay! however on my last trip i started noticing all the lovely fall items that are coming in, even though we don't have much of a fall in Lovely Angeles. there are a few things i will need, but now i am going to start working with a list of essentials and any splurges must take full consideration...that's the plan!

currentl obsessed list:
1) trench coat - i saw a great one in H&M, btw i luv the inpsiration boards on their site...i fall into the shapes category

2) slouch mid calf boots - Zappos is still my favorite site for buying shoes online, but I cannot live without my Loehman's fix...Rochy and I used to work those racks! these by Bronx Shoes have potential

my fav shoe designer remains to be GZ, but right now the price point is a tad bit out of my budget...my budget fav is def Vince Camuto...hawt

3) a new mimeki bag - i am so impressed with the fall line especially the new Kennedy with the embossed leather

but i am also still in luv with the Logan from the previous collection

the list goes on, but i am trying to be as discerning as possible...given the ahm "budget" situation...more to come

4) the babies obsession is something else altogether that also ties into the budget conversation. for the meantime Nesta will serve me just fine :)

fall obsessed,

Saturday, June 30, 2007

more dress madness

it's been another month since i last blogged...eeeek, I sense slippage. i will be working on that!

i have been busy - i spent 10 days in Thailand thinking i would have found the tailor of my dreams and come back with a wardrobe full of dresses. i achieved finding a fabulous tailor, but it was towards the end of the trip and i didn't score the beautiful fabric i thought i would. hence i came home fulfilled, but still seeking summer dresses!

i found a few new fav sites for shopping!

Shop Style
Big Drop New York City
Revolve Clothing

and Nadia put me on to Bleu Clothing

a few faves in the slideshow :)

you will notice i haven't posted any of the long dresses that are so popular this season. with all the looking and trying on i have been doing, i have yet to find the stunna that makes me look like eva da diva in her BET awards dress...the totally affordable laundry by design - blanket stripe wrap dress:

i first found it posted on new blog fav OMG i love her style blog

frilly and obsessed..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


i can't believe its been an entire month since my last posting. this has been a worldwind month! the party was just as i imagined and more. the dj hooked it up...big ups to DJ Mattnifique repping the PHI. i will post more about that when i organize myself...that itself is becoming a feat. my latest obsession is facebook. my family has taken over. everyone from my baby cousins on up to Grandma has a page. its spectacular. i can go on and catch up with cousins, aunts and siblings from the four corners of the world and i don't have to worry about jacked up profiles like on MySpace. seriously sometimes MySpace is just too much on the eyes and they need to invest in more bandwidth...the pages load SO slow...i digress.

i recently learned that facebook is going to be upgrading with all sorts of new features and you can possibly make money off of it by recommending things you like to your friends. i won't go that far, but it is very fun and easy enough for me to pop on a few times each week and get fully caught up. i plan on keeping my fam and friends updated while in Thailand using facebook, what can i say...i am currently obsessed and caught up on whats next.

off to facebook

Sunday, April 29, 2007

always an excuse to party

i am thrilled to be turning the big 30 and to have some of my family with me to celebrate. rsvp to me talitha.mahadeo@gmail.com

i think i finally have the outfit down...dress, purse, shoes and BANGS? still trying to figure out the hair, but i know whatever it looks like i will be HAPPY!

i went to a bday party this past weekend. i so love fellow taureans, we are so salt of the earth. there is no accounting for people's taste in friends...i digress.

fleet fleet

Saturday, April 14, 2007

shoes shoes shoes

i can't believe i made it this far without posting about my most prized obsession...my love for shoes. the obsession was inbred, my grandmother is a diva fashionista in the truest sense of the word. miss lady is fierce with the wardrobe even at 84. it's not unnatural and it's not a fetish, it's just good sense. we spend so much time standing and walking, shouldn't our feet be rewarded by being adorned with lovely shoes?! i know...it's not the hardest argument to sell...at least to the ladies.

my favorite designer of all time is undoubtedly Giuseppe Zanotti - hands down. his designs deliver the attention to detail that you would want any major purchase to have and they are not a beast to walk around in. i only possess one pair of his fine footwear, but that doesn't stop me from browsing at my favorite online couture shoe bazaar Zappos Couture. they have a great selection of GZ's.

my most talented cousin, Kashe, met the guru himself in Italy while traveling with her shoe design classmates at FIDM. her style is very GZ-esque with a beautiful attention to detail, excellent color palette and very comfortable fit. i'll share some flicks from her portfolio in a future post, she is one to watch. go Kash!

marc jacobs is another favorite that has developed over the past two years. i love what he does in patent and his flats are supreme. and the ever popular Louboutin, i haven't taken a journey on a pair of red soles yet, but i have seen a few that peak my interest. one of these days on the way to the orthodontist i plan on stopping by his tiny boutique on burton way or to the lovely Silver Feet Boutique in Fred Segal - they have a devine selection.

check out the slide show and put the mouse over the image to see the designer:

CHALLENGE: i am desperately on the hunt for a pair of light almost mustard patent leather 3-4" sling backs. they must exist and i NEED them (feeling slightly dramatic with my 30th approaching)! the a.p.b. is out, send me a comment if you track something down that fits the description. :)

in closing i'll leave you with a little comedy about the shoe obsession...

pampered feet are happy feet

Friday, April 6, 2007

dress madness

its spring again! let everybody know its spring again...and the dresses are SO fabu this season. i have not yet found the grecian dress of my dreams - but still looking. i have picked up one or two so far and suprisingly they have all been strapless. i say surprisingly because i hate my underarm fat! not cute in strapless, however the anna sui is so well made it looks beautiful on and the two i picked up at nordie's were worth the sale price.

i tried on a few iterations of this dress Maggie G. has on, but nothing gave me that cute waist line that she has...and that hooker just had a baby! Get it boo!

also in love with this lil mini. my obsession is smooth legs all year long so i can rock minis all summer. i would kill this one, minus one of the "rosettes" - OKAY angela from project runway.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

going green is all the rage

with all the research i have been doing on thailand, i have become increasingly concerned with doing my part to be green! the pollution that is reported in the "land of smiles" is scary. i live in one of the more polluted cities in the US and prevention is the only cure at this point. i found some great resources to aid my green quest without losing the fun in my lifestyle. the urban dweller's guide to green living is a lot of fun, i think of it as a tour guide to a city i have lived in for 6 years. its always fun to explore and now knowing that my money is being spent in environmentally conscious establishments will make the spending even more fun and possible tax deductible - we culture vultures must stick close to our budget ;). the guide will tell you where to shop, eat and how you can give back to the environment and community.

with summer coming, we have to be so mindful of the resources we are depleting, i check out LA DWP's website for tips on conserving energy.

another improtant matter floating around in my mind a lot lately is sustainable food and how it affects my health, the environment and the economy. i learned a lot about it from one of my favorite recipe sites Epicurious.com. these issues are so important if we want there to be a tomorrow for our childrens children.

militantly obsessed,

Saturday, March 24, 2007

taking thai iced tea to a new level

newest obsession - thailand!

i am tagging along with two jetsetting friends that have been planning a thailand trip for the last couple weeks. i just got my ticket and the butterflies are already buzzin around in my tummy :). i decided that my present to myself for my 30th would be an end of my rote travel history. so i am taking my new passport on the road! thanks to nic and tiff for including me! one look at these two and you can see why i am thrilled to go, they are just FUN!

of course, Y's mom has been to thailand many times, so she gave me great advice! i'm open to hearing more stories and advice...one thing i know - i will be taking a picture of that Rachel Roy dress from a previous post and getting it's baby cousin made while i'm there. YAY!

more (thai) iced tea please...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

visual art can be therapeutic

it's high time i start collecting pieces to adorn my surroundings that will remind me of home, or a place i've been or just help me to remember to be happy and grateful. i have been eyeing a few pieces on the gallery of west indian art. this is a great site that i got turned on to by my eclectic, ingenius, quirky friend and sister...tara. i love this bobart...it's sold, but i shall keep my eye out to see if the buyer renegs, *fingers crossed*.

my fav art is always going to be the wearable kind. sidenote: i found the anna sui butterfly dress, it's in the mail! YAY! i peeped this sneak preview from greedy genius on nicekicks.com, i heard from a reliable source (my honey) that they are launching the girls line in '08! i am saving my red money folks! afterall, footwear is a lifelong obsession...

lately, i have been intrigued by street artists. that feeling of rebellion is good to keep around somewhere near the pit of your stomach, just in case something has to pop off! living in this country you can't stay silent too long, i need to get a dunnie posse like this hot designer eyelost has on his homepage. Get 'em dunnies!

patiently waiting,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

pooped from party planning

i am thinking about canceling the big hooray i have been planning for my 30th. it's becoming exhausting and i want to be able to enjoy the affair. gonna sleep on it.

fashion stalking pays off

nadia and i were atteding a NABFEME event that i got put on to by reading my beautiful obsession, SYB. the event was full of powerful women sharing a bit (very small bit) of their stories. Debra Martin Chase, Zola Marshariki and Shondra Rhimes were all there in their full wonder women stance. i will reserve my comments about how i felt mislead by the event, especially since i was completely distracted by this young lady wearing my next obsession.

immediately nadia, future boutique owner, started scanning her fashion rolodex (her brain) to determine where would be a good place to seek out the object of my desire. her first thought was "that looks like an anthropologie dress" and after tracking down the dress' slightly frumpier cousin on net-a-porter we had more clues to go on. a trusty google search for "anna sui butterfly dress" and EUREKA the dressed turned up at anthropologie afterall! oooooh nadia, you are a true fashionstalker and i am happy to benefit from it.

doesn't this look like the perfect bday bashment dress?! nadia and i are going to pay it a visit today...i'll keep you posted.

here is my fav pic of miss nadia in all her birthday splendor...quoting nicole "nadia, you look red carpet ready". she always is!

Friday, March 9, 2007

obsessed with the balancing act

i am turning 30 this year and it has never been so clear to me how important having a healthy balance in all areas of life can make each day more enjoyable. for me the balance used to come naturally. moderation was no a foreign concept - i eat pretty healthy but don't deny myself when i have a craving, i shop the bargains but don't leave that must have behind, you get the point. lately work has been consuming my life and i feel the need to grab a hold of myself and readjust accordingly!

i guess it boils down to priority. my current job affords me great opportunity to learn critical skills, but that cannot overshadow my commitment to friends (ya'll know i been too busy to call), my honey (he's working crazy hours these days too...my mogul), spiritual growth...it's been a while since i have been to church or even giving my time back to those who are less fortunate. i am starting today with taking the time to read a fwd'd email and responding for the good of our earth, we all know how easy it is to hit the delete button. Al Gore is calling out for virtual signatures to a petition he is presenting to Congress...if you find the time and have the balance, click the link and send it to 10 friends. let's impact the world so there will be a tomorrow.

damn that was too heavy, i think i will take a break and jump in the pool. i love miami! more about my trip next time...

luv u enough to save the earth for you..
earth obsessed

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

puppies don't belong under the plane

so...we met with a frenchie "breeder" this weekend.

although the puppies were adorable and we fell in love with one in particular, we found out that sister has them flown in from Hungary and Russia! that is a really long flight for 6 week old puppies to endure. in the end we were too saddened by hearing that breeder chic transports the babies this way and we decided to walk away. if you know someone local, or even within a few hours drive that actually breeds frenchies...let me know!

pet airline regulations

call me a bag lady...if you must

when it comes to bags my philosophy is "the bigger the better", well when it comes to most things I guess *wink*. i am a little lady, but i need a sizeable purse to anchor me and all my "carotches" to my daily grind. since we're talking bags, i have to feature two outstanding jamaican designers.

Mimeki designer, Rochelle Thwaites is the quintessential fashion maven...although i never see her shopping...bad girl always has the fly gear for the season with her own twist. she's stealth and she slipped on the scene with her line of handbags for the discerning consumer - me! here is my current obsession from her line - the kennedy large tote in black with patent leather - mah.ve.lous. this bag is the working girls dream, ultra sexy and holds everything - even the macbook :)

Alia Michele boasts a youthful, crafty look. alia's mission is to put a little jamaica into each piece and these bags are a summer dream. my fav is the canvas clutch, just in case anyone's asking.

check out these enterprising ladies!

Monday, February 26, 2007

breaking obsession!

does anyone have $2,600 laying around? wire it to me...bad girl Rachel Roy does it again. silk is going to be a hot fabric for the spring and this dress made me stop mid surf. its smurftastic.

~ silk obsessed

it ain't easy being green

green has always been an obsession of mine...it's my favorite color. nowadays being green doesn't mean you are envious or need to hol' a fresh, it means you care about this planet we live on. green is my obsession.

the Oscars did it with an all "green" show - carefully selecting mateirals environmentally friendly materials to produce the show. bravo to them, the show was a success, although I could have saved about 30 minutes worth of energy if they cutdown some of the boring montages.

i recently started driving an SUV and I love my ride, but i do feel guilty riding in it all alone. sometimes i feel like picking someone up at the bus stop, just to do my part. carpooling is tomorrow's obsession for me. why do Angelinos love to ride solo? let's start sharing rides and saving the environment. this search engine for carpoolers could very well be the next phenomenon in dating online *wink*.

call it mint or sea foam, the ladies were pushiing in with the bridesmaid color scheme on the red carpet. green might be my fav hue, but this didn't work for me. my pick for best dressed was reese witherspoon, she followed the golden rule - look fabulous when your ex is going to see you - brilliantly done. she did purple right.

~environmentally obsessed

Friday, February 23, 2007

i love the combo deal

Spa packages, car wash promotions, buy one get one free...i get excited for all of the above. Daily Candy reported this special and I am compelled to try it out.

Raisa’s 3B Special
What: Get your blowout, brows, and bikini taken care of for $100.
When: Every Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: Raisa Laser and Skincare, 8545 Santa Monica Blvd., b/t La Cienega Blvd. & W. Knoll Dr., West Hollywood

I'll let you know if it was worth it.

Warm and fuzzy obsession. Y and me have been scoping out the Frenchie scene for a while now. After checking out the Cali breeders we found these babies. I want to hear the lil' pitter patter of a Red Bull and Chilli Pepper, check them out! They are the ultimate pair and the combo would be so fun, but I will be happy to bring at least one of these boys home with mama. Wish us luck. Who wants to babysit?

Off the topic, I am looking for some good fiction. A juicy, page turning, drama or comedy. Email me any good suggestions please. Maybe we should start that bookclub we have always been talking about!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

in desperate need of new lingo

My super cute (and persuasive) cousin, Nandi, was passing the quarter century mark and requested a Vegas trip to celebrate the occassion. Being the accomodating person i am *wink* we agreed to go even after we found out that NBA all star weekend was happening at the same time. I have never seen Vegas like this. Trash, flash, hookers, gold teeth and multiple arrests - that just about summed up the experience. It was an excercise in patience. After all that the one word that was used to sum up the experience was "hoodrich" and that left me thinking 404 we need some new lingo.

Whats the next big thing now that bling is banished from the vocab and boozhetto never really went "mainstream?" I'm takin all good suggestions.

On to my obsessions...the first one is inspired by a "costume" my fashion-able friend Nadia wore to a 70's themed bday party.

I am feeling the sequin jacket for the spring evening or even if you want to be the baddest bitch during the day with obvious obsession - jeans. Check out a growing obsession, iilsi, the husband and wife designer team out of NY.

Dresses are always tall order in spring and I am loving the grecian inspired looks for the spring and summer...check out this one I found musing on one of my fav sites Pink Mascara.

Gadgets are always a girls second best friend, and "the rabbit" does count as a gadget *wink*. These little wooden speakers are a new fav I found on Shiny Shiny. I like the contrast between the olski wolski look of the wood and the concept of blasting the new Sean Paul riddim from the Razr.
The best gadgets are the ones you can live without, but WHY? I am holding out for the iPhone...

mac obsessed