Friday, March 9, 2007

obsessed with the balancing act

i am turning 30 this year and it has never been so clear to me how important having a healthy balance in all areas of life can make each day more enjoyable. for me the balance used to come naturally. moderation was no a foreign concept - i eat pretty healthy but don't deny myself when i have a craving, i shop the bargains but don't leave that must have behind, you get the point. lately work has been consuming my life and i feel the need to grab a hold of myself and readjust accordingly!

i guess it boils down to priority. my current job affords me great opportunity to learn critical skills, but that cannot overshadow my commitment to friends (ya'll know i been too busy to call), my honey (he's working crazy hours these days mogul), spiritual's been a while since i have been to church or even giving my time back to those who are less fortunate. i am starting today with taking the time to read a fwd'd email and responding for the good of our earth, we all know how easy it is to hit the delete button. Al Gore is calling out for virtual signatures to a petition he is presenting to Congress...if you find the time and have the balance, click the link and send it to 10 friends. let's impact the world so there will be a tomorrow.

damn that was too heavy, i think i will take a break and jump in the pool. i love miami! more about my trip next time...

luv u enough to save the earth for you..
earth obsessed


andrea said...

I feel you on all that you stated. I too feel work consumes me and there is so much more to life than sitting in front of the computer all day. I need to be better about my own balancing act.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for writing this.