Sunday, March 18, 2007

fashion stalking pays off

nadia and i were atteding a NABFEME event that i got put on to by reading my beautiful obsession, SYB. the event was full of powerful women sharing a bit (very small bit) of their stories. Debra Martin Chase, Zola Marshariki and Shondra Rhimes were all there in their full wonder women stance. i will reserve my comments about how i felt mislead by the event, especially since i was completely distracted by this young lady wearing my next obsession.

immediately nadia, future boutique owner, started scanning her fashion rolodex (her brain) to determine where would be a good place to seek out the object of my desire. her first thought was "that looks like an anthropologie dress" and after tracking down the dress' slightly frumpier cousin on net-a-porter we had more clues to go on. a trusty google search for "anna sui butterfly dress" and EUREKA the dressed turned up at anthropologie afterall! oooooh nadia, you are a true fashionstalker and i am happy to benefit from it.

doesn't this look like the perfect bday bashment dress?! nadia and i are going to pay it a visit today...i'll keep you posted.

here is my fav pic of miss nadia in all her birthday splendor...quoting nicole "nadia, you look red carpet ready". she always is!


andrea said...

Awww, look at my little Nadia, all grown up!!

nandi_pandi said...

I saw the dress MUCH prefer the strapless version from anthropologie. I think you should pair it with RED shoes...and a pair with extremely high heels at that. Now that would be FIERCE!!! As for the cancelling of your b-day...I don;t think you would be happy doing that. What about if we look into renting out a clubhouse or some place like one that went onto a golfcourse, etc... Just a thought...lets explore.