Saturday, March 24, 2007

taking thai iced tea to a new level

newest obsession - thailand!

i am tagging along with two jetsetting friends that have been planning a thailand trip for the last couple weeks. i just got my ticket and the butterflies are already buzzin around in my tummy :). i decided that my present to myself for my 30th would be an end of my rote travel history. so i am taking my new passport on the road! thanks to nic and tiff for including me! one look at these two and you can see why i am thrilled to go, they are just FUN!

of course, Y's mom has been to thailand many times, so she gave me great advice! i'm open to hearing more stories and thing i know - i will be taking a picture of that Rachel Roy dress from a previous post and getting it's baby cousin made while i'm there. YAY!

more (thai) iced tea please...

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