Saturday, June 30, 2007

more dress madness

it's been another month since i last blogged...eeeek, I sense slippage. i will be working on that!

i have been busy - i spent 10 days in Thailand thinking i would have found the tailor of my dreams and come back with a wardrobe full of dresses. i achieved finding a fabulous tailor, but it was towards the end of the trip and i didn't score the beautiful fabric i thought i would. hence i came home fulfilled, but still seeking summer dresses!

i found a few new fav sites for shopping!

Shop Style
Big Drop New York City
Revolve Clothing

and Nadia put me on to Bleu Clothing

a few faves in the slideshow :)

you will notice i haven't posted any of the long dresses that are so popular this season. with all the looking and trying on i have been doing, i have yet to find the stunna that makes me look like eva da diva in her BET awards dress...the totally affordable laundry by design - blanket stripe wrap dress:

i first found it posted on new blog fav OMG i love her style blog

frilly and obsessed..