Thursday, March 22, 2007

visual art can be therapeutic

it's high time i start collecting pieces to adorn my surroundings that will remind me of home, or a place i've been or just help me to remember to be happy and grateful. i have been eyeing a few pieces on the gallery of west indian art. this is a great site that i got turned on to by my eclectic, ingenius, quirky friend and sister...tara. i love this's sold, but i shall keep my eye out to see if the buyer renegs, *fingers crossed*.

my fav art is always going to be the wearable kind. sidenote: i found the anna sui butterfly dress, it's in the mail! YAY! i peeped this sneak preview from greedy genius on, i heard from a reliable source (my honey) that they are launching the girls line in '08! i am saving my red money folks! afterall, footwear is a lifelong obsession...

lately, i have been intrigued by street artists. that feeling of rebellion is good to keep around somewhere near the pit of your stomach, just in case something has to pop off! living in this country you can't stay silent too long, i need to get a dunnie posse like this hot designer eyelost has on his homepage. Get 'em dunnies!

patiently waiting,


nandi_pandi said...

If you are interested in street art, don't forget to check out Crewest Gallery. That was the gallery we went to a few months ago for the Red Stripe party. I ended up getting a piece from them...can't remember if I told you I went back a couple weekends later.

Fleeter said...

thanks nandi...i do remember that event. i am excited to see the piece you been holding out!

eyeone | sh said...

came across this, thanks for the shout. i was at that red stripe event as well!

eyeone | sh