Saturday, April 14, 2007

shoes shoes shoes

i can't believe i made it this far without posting about my most prized love for shoes. the obsession was inbred, my grandmother is a diva fashionista in the truest sense of the word. miss lady is fierce with the wardrobe even at 84. it's not unnatural and it's not a fetish, it's just good sense. we spend so much time standing and walking, shouldn't our feet be rewarded by being adorned with lovely shoes?! i's not the hardest argument to least to the ladies.

my favorite designer of all time is undoubtedly Giuseppe Zanotti - hands down. his designs deliver the attention to detail that you would want any major purchase to have and they are not a beast to walk around in. i only possess one pair of his fine footwear, but that doesn't stop me from browsing at my favorite online couture shoe bazaar Zappos Couture. they have a great selection of GZ's.

my most talented cousin, Kashe, met the guru himself in Italy while traveling with her shoe design classmates at FIDM. her style is very GZ-esque with a beautiful attention to detail, excellent color palette and very comfortable fit. i'll share some flicks from her portfolio in a future post, she is one to watch. go Kash!

marc jacobs is another favorite that has developed over the past two years. i love what he does in patent and his flats are supreme. and the ever popular Louboutin, i haven't taken a journey on a pair of red soles yet, but i have seen a few that peak my interest. one of these days on the way to the orthodontist i plan on stopping by his tiny boutique on burton way or to the lovely Silver Feet Boutique in Fred Segal - they have a devine selection.

check out the slide show and put the mouse over the image to see the designer:

CHALLENGE: i am desperately on the hunt for a pair of light almost mustard patent leather 3-4" sling backs. they must exist and i NEED them (feeling slightly dramatic with my 30th approaching)! the a.p.b. is out, send me a comment if you track something down that fits the description. :)

in closing i'll leave you with a little comedy about the shoe obsession...

pampered feet are happy feet

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