Monday, February 26, 2007

it ain't easy being green

green has always been an obsession of's my favorite color. nowadays being green doesn't mean you are envious or need to hol' a fresh, it means you care about this planet we live on. green is my obsession.

the Oscars did it with an all "green" show - carefully selecting mateirals environmentally friendly materials to produce the show. bravo to them, the show was a success, although I could have saved about 30 minutes worth of energy if they cutdown some of the boring montages.

i recently started driving an SUV and I love my ride, but i do feel guilty riding in it all alone. sometimes i feel like picking someone up at the bus stop, just to do my part. carpooling is tomorrow's obsession for me. why do Angelinos love to ride solo? let's start sharing rides and saving the environment. this search engine for carpoolers could very well be the next phenomenon in dating online *wink*.

call it mint or sea foam, the ladies were pushiing in with the bridesmaid color scheme on the red carpet. green might be my fav hue, but this didn't work for me. my pick for best dressed was reese witherspoon, she followed the golden rule - look fabulous when your ex is going to see you - brilliantly done. she did purple right.

~environmentally obsessed

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