Wednesday, February 28, 2007

call me a bag lady...if you must

when it comes to bags my philosophy is "the bigger the better", well when it comes to most things I guess *wink*. i am a little lady, but i need a sizeable purse to anchor me and all my "carotches" to my daily grind. since we're talking bags, i have to feature two outstanding jamaican designers.

Mimeki designer, Rochelle Thwaites is the quintessential fashion maven...although i never see her shopping...bad girl always has the fly gear for the season with her own twist. she's stealth and she slipped on the scene with her line of handbags for the discerning consumer - me! here is my current obsession from her line - the kennedy large tote in black with patent leather - this bag is the working girls dream, ultra sexy and holds everything - even the macbook :)

Alia Michele boasts a youthful, crafty look. alia's mission is to put a little jamaica into each piece and these bags are a summer dream. my fav is the canvas clutch, just in case anyone's asking.

check out these enterprising ladies!

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Malaiks said...

Fleeter! I am salivating over your Mimeki large tote, chile. Isn't Rochelle amazing? One day when I grow up I will get to have one too!
It's a dream right now. But i am too proud of Roch. BTW, your pic is GAWJUSST.