Tuesday, October 2, 2007


there is too much to say on this subject. weblebrity gives the average joe the opportunity to become renowned through online content. i wouldn't say it's an obsession, i just happen to know a thing or two about weblicity given that my job duties include scouting and cultivating weblebrities.

has anyone seen famous wossip's on their living room tv sets lately? i have. i must say i was in shock when TMZ popped up in my digital guide! the show is decent, room for improvement. i love the employees. the show reminds me of one of my favs from last season - a TRUE obsession - Dirt on FX.

the other example i have is one i list reluctantly. props due to perez for what he does online, but why does MTV always have to go there! celebrity rap superstar is wrong on so many levels...first off how do the 'contestants' rank as celebrities? second, why is dmc even involved with something so ridiculous?

i was discussing this idea of weblebrity with some of my coworkers and i was surprised they hadn't heard the terminology, however it's befitting since the so called weblebrities are just as notorious.

here is a prime example...

all that being said there are a few that are doing it right...nuff props to Najwa from Nitrolicious for doing big things and covering fashion week amongst a host of other fun things. and a new site that just launched with a clever idea 2 chix tv, i'll be keeping one eye on the execution, but props due all the same.

pondering standards

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AG. said...

This weblebrity is both the gift and the curse...for those of us that do it tastefully and report the news...it's a great way into this ever changing industry...but so many people are out there in the name of journalism making it bad on us all.