Tuesday, May 29, 2007


i can't believe its been an entire month since my last posting. this has been a worldwind month! the party was just as i imagined and more. the dj hooked it up...big ups to DJ Mattnifique repping the PHI. i will post more about that when i organize myself...that itself is becoming a feat. my latest obsession is facebook. my family has taken over. everyone from my baby cousins on up to Grandma has a page. its spectacular. i can go on and catch up with cousins, aunts and siblings from the four corners of the world and i don't have to worry about jacked up profiles like on MySpace. seriously sometimes MySpace is just too much on the eyes and they need to invest in more bandwidth...the pages load SO slow...i digress.

i recently learned that facebook is going to be upgrading with all sorts of new features and you can possibly make money off of it by recommending things you like to your friends. i won't go that far, but it is very fun and easy enough for me to pop on a few times each week and get fully caught up. i plan on keeping my fam and friends updated while in Thailand using facebook, what can i say...i am currently obsessed and caught up on whats next.

off to facebook

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