Tuesday, January 26, 2010

if you could only ask for one thing...

what would that be? i have been doing a bit of networking and this always baffles me, but my truth is that listening is the most important practice. this is key to know:

1) who is asking the question... and how can they help you?
2) is your request tangible?
3) will it really get you to your ultimate goal?

i have been spending sometime lately thinking about the four agreements, based on the principles set forth by author Don Miguel Ruiz.

i haven't yet read the book, but the principles or individual mantras were relayed to me by a wise friend and i have ordered my copy.

the four agreements are:

be impeccable with your word
words are very powerful, the book of John says that words can manifest

don’t take anything personally
opinions, perspectives, biases,

don’t make assumptions
you know the old adage about when you ass u me...not worth it!

always do your best
sure mom told us this, but the key is to more than your best...your best is enough!

agreeing four times over

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